Greetings from The Dominican Republic! If you are like us, you are all getting very restless from the lock down of our lives right now. Fear not dear ones God is still on His Throne. He is not running around wondering “What in the world are we going to do?”!!! We too are in lock down which means we cannot go out and do ministry. Normally we would be building chapels, sharing the Gospel, working with our wonderful men at the Rehab center, helping the New Church for the Blind, going to the Cancer Hospital to pray for the sick and lead those who do not have Jesus as their Savior and Lord to salvation. Normally we would have a team or teams here that we would be teaching evangelism to and the many ways to evangelize. We would be out preaching and teaching and encouraging, but instead we are confined to La Casa Grande which is a beautiful place to be on lock down. Yet, for us it is difficult as we know there are people out there who are lost, scared and discouraged. Over the last few weeks we’ve had many come to our gates asking if we can help them to feed their families. Only “essential personal” are working.

We want to thank those who sent gifts to enable us to purchase food for the hungry when our supplies ran low from the demand. We were able to refill our “storehouse” Please pray that the curfews and mandatory “stay at home” orders will be lifted soon so we can get back to sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ!

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