Ministry Overview

Together Ministries ( Liz & Wayne) has but one purpose and that is to Share the Gospel and the Love Of GOD through his SON JESUS and to show them the LOVE and Compassion of JESUS through US.

As a result of the exposure we have to many churches, Ministries and people, it opens doors of opportunities to share the gospel one-on-one and do discipleship as well as meeting many needs to show the LOVE OF CHRIST.


Planting Churches is a  Ministry we are doing  helping pastors at existing churches to complete their building project, or take them from the ground up. This depending on a lot of factors involved. So we have to rely on and trust in GOD as to the direction we take, and that HE would provide. In doing this it  opens doors to join them in discipleship with new believers and the growth of the church in the community.


Another special ministry to us is we serve at 6 Rehab centers with the opportunity to share the LOVE OF JESUS with over 180 Men who are seeking change in their life. This allows the time share GODS WORD and Disciple them in their walk with JESUS.  The Results are life changing to them and Us.

Please visit Active Projects and Completed Projects to learn more about what we do.

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