Together Ministries

Wayne & Liz Duley

serving in the Dominican Republic




Updates From the Field:

[Thurs April 25, 2019] Dear Ones if you are donating to particular projects add the project as well as our name on the memo line or in an attached note with your donation. We thank those of you who have graciously given to help the mountain chapel we are building and the Haitian church addition and roof. We plan to be at their service on Sunday to see their joyous celebration for what the Lord is doing through you all and Together Ministries! Please keep us in prayer that we may clearly hear and follow the Lord’s plans as the Gospel is boldly carried out through our ministry. Look for more updates!! God bless you all for joining us and following us in this divine journey in, through and by Faith in obeying our Lord’s Command!

[Fri April 19, 2019] We have several projects we are working on. One is a chapel being built in a remote village on the mountain. We have the walls up, roughed in bathrooms, but need to have the roof made, the floors poured, painting, windows, etc. We will also need a team to come put the roof on and do Evangelism. We are helping a local Haitian pastor do an addition and new roof. We are helping another Pastor who ministers to about 150 children, we are putting a second floor and new roof on his church. We have another mountain pastor that had major earthquake damage sometime ago and a rotting roof that is about to cave in. There are many needs here. Please pray about how you can help us fulfill the Great Commission and help the hard working pastors here and their congregations as well as in planting new churches.


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