Rehab Started 2019

First visit to Rehab
Nov. 8, 2018
Had 3 men staying.
Had not been open long at this location.

June of 2019 we took a team to do outreach.
We believed God was calling us at CASA to become more involved in the lives of these gentlemen.
There were now about 30 housed here. 

It was brought to our attention that they  had no running water and would have to carry water up from a creek down below

There was a well but had to use buckets to lift out.

On July 26 we took a team from Florida to do a outreach

The response was wonderful
Life changing decisions were made.

On Dec. 7 we had a church bring their youth to do outreach and bring them a message.

On each visit we would build a bond and relationship with the men.
On Dec 27, 2019 we decided to make a trip up the mountain to the rehab center. Liz had 3 shoe boxes of glasses we had brought over.
So she grabbed them and some OREO cookies and headed up.
This was a real break thru
with the guys as we took time for each one of them. The results were priceless.

Ones that could not see now sit back and enjoy (I was blind but now I can see)
Liz took time to deliver message as we saw the joy come into them that we truly cared.
On Jan. 22, 2020
We took Conrad with us to speak who has experienced what they are dealing with.

Took team Feb. 7, 2020
for outreach. This is Tiny with one of the team members.
Liz standing behind tree watching with joy as ones make decision.
They make bread and sell to network of local stores to help support the Center.

It is now May and we are in Quarantines and can not go out to do ministry. The ones at Rehab can not get out to sell the bread they make so funds are low and food is needed.
So we had the Pastor of Rehab come  and pick up Beans & Rice plus oil and paste.
When Phase one in the DR came into play we went back into Rehab and got the water working by installing new Tank and Pump plus running a line from a mountain stream about 1/2 mile away thru jungle.

This made them very happy
They had no tables and are short on chairs so brought up two picnic benches that Daren made. They Loved Them

Finally on July 3 Liz ( mama Liz that is to her boys ) got to go back into Rehab. We are now under Phase 2 in DR.

They were so glad to see her, and she was them.
This Gentleman has Alzheimer’s and responds to her.  He came out so fast that his pants were not all the way up .When we first started going up he was unresponsive.
What a change GOD has done. He was do glad to see her.
We had brought them 3-peice chicken dinners with rice and beans plus desserts.

They so enjoyed
Liz then shared with them
and did a little one-on-one.

There are many ongoing needs in the ministry mainly discipleship that we will be doing.

Visit we made in Aug. 1, 2020

This Gentleman walked up to say hello and in his hand was one of four Audio Bibles we had given to the ones that could not read and he had it reading to him. Made My Day!!  In the background is a Father and Mother visiting their Son. We met and spoke with them and encouraged them .


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