Blind Ministry Started 2019

Met Pastor Raphael and Angela both of whom are Blind.
Feb. 7, 2019
They are overseers of the Blind Foundation.
Tim at CASA has been meeting with them and ministering along side them for years.
We have joined Tim on many occasions when He speaks and ministers to them

Tim would always bring them Food and gifts for the children when they did their meetings.
It’s always a blessing to be part of these gatherings.

On Dec. 16, 2019 they had asked to meet with us.
They wanted to know if we would be willing to help them in starting a church for the Blind/Disabled and sit on their board and guide them in these endeavors.

A dedication took place Jan. 4, 2020 with the lady with the mic representing the Government who is also disabled.
Pastor Raphael was very excited and pleased.
A special wheelchair was donated for this child to use by the Foundation .
We assisted in giving out gifts to the children of those that are disabled.
Liz was sharing a gospel message with the group.
Liz meeting with the group from the Blind church on doing evangelism .
We continue to meet with Pastor and his wife to advise them in this process of establishing the church. Both physically and spiritually .

We have registered the church with the Dominican Republic Government and need to meet with the Lawyer to complete final details. Also we are praying for another location due to some conditions not suitable for the disabled.

Last update July 31, 2020

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