Pastor Eddie Church Nov 24 2018 — Apr 28 2019

WE had a lady from one of the teams who was Haitian and asked if we were involved with any Haitians.
I said Hmmm!!!
Come with Me and Tim
We took her to meet Pastor Eddie who is Haitian and Pastors a
Haitian church in a very depressed mixed Dominican/Haitian
Community. The church has had it’s share of incidences to say the least.
The Pastor was at a standstill. The roof was falling in and other areas were unsafe .
We looked around

After talking to the Pastor and asking what would move him alone to get the building to where he would like to see it.
He said $2000.00 would allow him to do it. He had labor resources within the Body to do the work.
The Lady said that she would like to donate $1000. Liz looked at me and said lets give him the additional 1000.
Now they have a nice safe structure with a raised area to offer a kitchen and two baths to allow the ones that come a good distance to have a meal before traveling home also he feeds the without in the area just outside of church doors that are Dominican.

A dedication was held
April 28, 2019

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