Edwin Chapel Nov 24 2018 — Aug 30 2019

Little did I know on Nov 5, 2018 walking down this trail to a outreach with team that just to my left we would be planting a church
We did outreach in a small banana hut with team in the rain and at the end we had prayer for pastor Edwin (the tall one) It was then that GOD Gave the Vision that we would be planting a Church atop this small mountain community.
On Nov 24, 2018 we went to the Mountain to talk to Edwin. They had started digging footings. I asked him how much funds do they have. He replayed 20,000 RD ($400).
I asked how did you get that.He said from 2 years tithing. Many of people have no income or work. Me and Liz talked and stepped out in faith and gave Him $500 to get footings poured.
On Jan 14, 2019 Tim and myself met with Pastor Edwin and Esperanda (Hope) who donated the land to build the church. She lives cross from the location and she says that GOD gave a Vision that a church would be on that land.
Progressed continued as we continued to give based on progress they had made using church members and local labor who were out of work.

Hope stood by in amazement
As teams came to do outreach we prayed
Pastor Edwin had no transportation and had to pay to be taken up to Chapel every day.
He was blessed by a brother from one of the teams and we were able to buy him a way of transportation.


On August 6, 2019
6 Pastors came together some not knowing each other to pour the floor.
What a Blessing

Trusses Going up
Metal going on
Progress as of Aug. 14, 2019
Using Solar for Electric

Liz with Hope August 30,2019

Dedication held
NOV. 10, 2019


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