Pastor Garcia Chapel Feb. 22, 2020

Feb 22 2020 did outreach with team.
Chapel was very small and tight. People were out in street.

That night the pastor showed us the lot next to chapel that they owned and were planing to expand the existing building.

On June 3 2020 we returned to Chapel and met with Pastor to discuss the direction he was heading and also to interview him on the background of the church and his vision and ministries that were in place.
We blessed him with some funds to move forward and that we would follow up to see how funds were spent.
On June 17 we returned and were very impressed as to what they had accomplished.

Based on the amount of work and how funds were spent we advanced him with another blessing
July 16 we visited site to find progress moving along good.
The existing structure was now gone and site being leveled off and taking shape. They have been working very hard.
Funds were given to move forward and pour slab.

Pastor tells me that they have 27 people (missionaries) within the church that go out into community to serve the people in whatever need they may be confronted with and share the gospel to all.

Walls going up.

Last Update July 29

A word from the Pastor during this time of Pandemic
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Words from the Pastors Heart

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